Professional Business Services

Project Consultant

Duties: Meet with clients to determine requirements * Work with clients to define the scope of a project * Plan time scales and the resources needed * Clarifying system specifications, understanding work practices and the nature of their business  * Liaison to staff at all levels of a client organization * Define software, hardware and network requirements * Analyzing current and new system requirements within company and give independent and objective advice on the integration process* Develop and implement agreed solutions* Present solutions in written and oral presentations* Help clients with change-management activities* Manage the design and implementation of preferred solutions* Recommend new systems for purchase where appropriate* Design, test, install and monitor new systems* Prepare documentation and present progress reports to clients* Organize training for users and other consultants* Provide quality assurance assistance to all aspects of project

Requirements: Degree or equivalent experience/certifications preferred* Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry preferred* Excellent written and oral communication skills * Strong attention to detail * Good organizational skills * Ability to meet strict deadlines * Ability to work closely with many people on multiple projects *Experience using Primavera Software


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